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All you need to be recognized as Adobe Certified Professional.

Exams: 9A0-602, 9A0-043, 9A0-031, 9A0-042, 9A0-701, 9A0-040, 9A0-041, 9A0-310, 9A0-019, 9A0-060, 9A0-062, 9A0-064, 9A0-035
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#File NameSizeDL'sUploadedLast DL
1Adobe ActualTests 9A0-602 v2008-08-13 by Ramon 113q vce140.35 KB5508 Apr 201325 Jan 2014
2Adobe ActualTests 9A0-043 v10 03 06 vce219.18 KB5308 Apr 201324 Jan 2014
3Adobe ActualTests 9A0-031 v2009-03-30 by Ramon 154q vce340.47 KB4408 Apr 201324 Jan 2014
4Adobe RealExamQuestions 9A0-042 v2011-11-09 by Nijel 95q vce50.95 KB3708 Apr 201327 Jan 2014
5Adobe ActualTests 9A0-701 v2009-02-11 by Ramon 131q vce149.1 KB4308 Apr 201325 Jan 2014
6Adobe Pass4Sure 9A0-040 v2 29 126q vce539.79 KB5208 Apr 201326 Jan 2014
7Adobe RealExamQuestions 9A0-041 v2011-11-09 by Nigel 139q vce91.29 KB3808 Apr 201329 Jan 2014
8Adobe Pass4Sure 9A0-310 v2 73 134q vce330.77 KB5608 Apr 201326 Jan 2014
9Adobe ActualTests 9A0-602 v08 13 07 113q vce49.51 KB4308 Apr 201325 Jan 2014
10Adobe RealExamQuestions 9A0-019 v2011-11-09 by Nicky 118q vce252.04 KB5208 Apr 201328 Jan 2014
11Adobe CertifyMe 9A0-060 v2011-04-16 by pevan 151q vce779.05 KB5008 Apr 201325 Jan 2014
12Adobe ActualTests 9A0-040 v05 28 07 123q vce294.5 KB6708 Apr 201324 Jan 2014
13Adobe CertifyMe 9A0-019 v2011-04-13 by fembeen 113q vce248.31 KB3708 Apr 201325 Jan 2014
14Adobe CertifyMe 9A0-602 v2011-04-15 by watson 116q vce51.41 KB3808 Apr 201302 Feb 2014
15Adobe Pass4Sure 9A0-062 v2 29 156q vce1.28 MB7508 Apr 201301 Feb 2014
16Adobe CertifyMe 9A0-064 v2011-04-18 by Marteen 111q vce125.28 KB4708 Apr 201325 Jan 2014
17Adobe CertifyMe 9A0-031 v2011-04-13 by Ellis 156q vce256.77 KB5508 Apr 201325 Jan 2014
18Adobe Prepking 9A0-040 v2011-06-11 by Richard 128q vce541.76 KB5008 Apr 201327 Jan 2014
19Adobe Prepking 9A0-035 v2011-06-11 by Jacklin 136q vce159.54 KB5208 Apr 201301 Feb 2014
20Adobe Prepking 9A0-042 v2011-06-11 by Smith 94q vce50.49 KB3608 Apr 201308 Feb 2014
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