Citrix Exam Preparation Files

All you need to be recognized as Citrix Certified Professional.

Exams: 1Y0-A08, 1Y0-A19, 1Y0-256, 1Y0-A14, 1Y0-A16, 1Y0-200, 1Y0-A05, 1Y0-A24, 1Y0-721, 1Y0-250, 1Y0-259, 1Y0-800, 1Y0-A09, 1Y0-A26, 1Y0-A05, 1Y0-A15, 1Y0-A13, 1Y0-614
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#File NameSizeDL'sUploadedLast DL
1Citrix RealExamQuestions 1Y0-A08 v2011-11-08 by EDNA 103q vce833.59 KB10821 Jan 201306 Feb 2014
2Citrix PrepKing 1Y0-A19 v2011-06-15 by Norem 57q vce108.88 KB9221 Jan 201306 Feb 2014
3Citrix Prepking 1Y0-256 v2011-06-15 by David 129q vce220.68 KB7021 Jan 201310 Feb 2014
4Citrix Pass4sure 1Y0-A14 v1 66q 66q vce162.08 KB6321 Jan 201306 Feb 2014
5Citrix Lead2pass 1Y0-A16 v2013-07-17 by MickFrancis 77q vce177.31 KB7618 Jul 201306 Feb 2014
6Citrix Actualtests 1Y0-200 v2013-12-06 by David 110q vce548.93 KB16906 Dec 201306 Feb 2014
7Citrix Certifyme 1Y0-A05 v2011-08-22 by TURK 226q vce1.18 MB6521 Jan 201306 Feb 2014
8Citrix RealExamQuestions 1Y0-A24 v2011-11-08 by Radbert 75q vce83.09 KB6621 Jan 201306 Feb 2014
9Citrix ActualTests 1Y0-721 v11 25 04 147q zip85.08 KB2421 Jan 201306 Feb 2014
10Citrix Selftestengine 1Y0-250 v2014-01-25 by Ele 57q vce1.18 MB2227 Jan 201409 Feb 2014
11Citrix Selftestengine 1Y0-250 v2014-01-16 by Ele 57q vce1.18 MB7616 Jan 201412 Feb 2014
12Citrix ActualTests 1Y0-259 v2009-02-06 126q vce254.48 KB8821 Jan 201308 Feb 2014
13Citrix Prepking 1Y0-800 v2011-06-15 by Emilly 113q vce846.75 KB7721 Jan 201306 Feb 2014
14Citrix CertifyMe 1Y0-A09 v2010-05-26 by jh 81q vce411.15 KB7521 Jan 201307 Feb 2014
15Citrix BrainDump 1Y0-A26 v2012-05-01 by Anonymous 120q vce261.02 KB11521 Jan 201306 Feb 2014
16Citrix Certifyme 1y0-A05 v2011-05-27 by Mvries 226q vce1.92 MB7021 Jan 201306 Feb 2014
17Citrix Actualtests 1Y0-A15 v2011-07-07 54q vce752.1 KB7721 Jan 201306 Feb 2014
18Citrix RealExamQuestions 1Y0-A13 v2011-11-08 by FAITH 44q_1 vce873.66 KB6810 Apr 201306 Feb 2014
19Citrix RealExamQuestions 1Y0-A05 v2011-11-08 by DAWN 81q vce1.17 MB7921 Jan 201306 Feb 2014
20Citrix ActualTests 1Y0-614 v2008-07-28 61q vce571.8 KB5921 Jan 201306 Feb 2014
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