Symantec Exam Preparation Files

All you need to be recognized as Symantec Certified Professional.

Exams: 250-312, 250-406, 250-316, ST0-093, 250-402, ST0-192, ASC-091, ST0-172, ST0-91W, ST0-085, ST0-199, 250-371, 850-001, ST0-200, ST0-202
* - Symantec exam preparation files can be opened with: Visual CertExam Suite spacer

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#File NameSizeDL'sUploadedLast DL
1Symantec Examsheets 250-312 v2014-02-07 by JSadomba 167q vceNAN009 Feb 201409 Feb 2014
2Symantec Lead2pass 250-406 v2013-07-24 by Riot 15q vce31.04 KB4025 Jul 201330 Jan 2014
3Symantec Lead2pass 250-316 v2013-07-24 by Nathan 150q vce145.67 KB6125 Jul 201330 Jan 2014
4Symantec Testpassport 250-316 v2013-07-02 by Jerome 112q vce102.24 KB4004 Jul 201327 Jan 2014
5Symantec PracticeTest ST0-093 v2013-07-10 by drummerkyle 132q vce111.65 KB3715 Jul 201331 Jan 2014
6Symantec Lead2pass 250-402 v2013-07-24 by Gitor 135q vce249.47 KB025 Jul 201325 Jul 2013
7Symantec PracticeTest ST0-192 v2013-07-03 by Anonymous 190q vce156.21 KB5911 Jul 201330 Jan 2014
8Symantec Testpassport ASC-091 v2013-07-24 by terrence 129q vce115.68 KB4225 Jul 201327 Jan 2014
9Symantec Testpassport ST0-192 v2013-07-18 by Imtiaz 190q vce156.21 KB4019 Jul 201302 Feb 2014
10Symantec ActualTests 250-402 v2013-07-09 by Julius 133q vce365.57 KB5811 Jul 201305 Feb 2014
11Symantec Yesuse ST0-172 v2013-09-04 by feyoofe 108q vce478.83 KB8004 Sep 201305 Feb 2014
12Symantec PracticeTest ST0-91W v2013-07-10 by drummerkyle 234q vce825.04 KB5615 Jul 201331 Jan 2014
13Symantec ActualTests ST0-085 v2013-01-18 by Tico 200q vce180.3 KB9521 Jan 201328 Jan 2014
14Symantec ITExamworld ST0-199 v2013-05-17 by sim 121q vce192.12 KB6622 May 201301 Feb 2014
15Symantec Lead2pass 250-371 v2013-07-24 by Obama 110q vce966.57 KB7425 Jul 201308 Feb 2014
16Symantec Lead2pass 850-001 v2013-07-24 by unm 100q vce110.1 KB3725 Jul 201327 Jan 2014
17Symantec Lead2pass ST0-200 v2013-07-24 by Noam 115q vce107.42 KB4525 Jul 201328 Jan 2014
18Symantec Lead2pass ST0-202 v2013-07-24 by Ethan 139q vce125.56 KB3525 Jul 201305 Feb 2014
19Symantec Lead2pass ST0-199 v2013-07-24 by Bdow 150q vce151.41 KB4925 Jul 201301 Feb 2014
20Symantec Testpassport ST0-199 v2013-07-03 by Jerome 121q vce105.48 KB4411 Jul 201311 Feb 2014
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